Why use Biometrics

Biometric data has become an established and regular method of verification. In a world where security is expected and the protection of an individual’s data is a must, biometrics have matched these expectations, guiding verification processes into a new era.

The use of biometric technology in identity verification is now commonplace. Whether in a bank or in an airport, it is used to prevent fraudulent activity and provide added security to a person’s data.

The mypensionID vision was to bring these benefits, already enjoyed by many businesses and their customers, into the pension’s world.

mypensionID empowers the individual to take control, providing them with a secure and swift means to update and confirm their details with their pension providers, no matter where they are in the world.

mypensionID utilises several biometric identifiers, including facial scans, to uniquely identify and authenticate an individual prior to permitting them access to their personal information. mypensionID offers a simple and fast solution to the current process, removing the need to post important documents and reducing the potential for fraud.