mypensionID Launch

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of mypensionID. After an extensive development process working in harmony with pension providers and technological innovators, mypensionID will finally offer this revolutionary solution.

The verification of pension scheme members has typically involved prolonged processes that run risks to the security of members’ personal data, and the loss of important personal documentation. mypensionID’s ground-breaking technology will provide the fastest and most secure verification process that has ever been available for pension scheme members overseas and in the UK. The teams behind the creation of mypensionID have worked tirelessly to ensure this app offers pension schemes a reliable, high quality service.

mypensionID will empower members to take control of their data, providing a single interface to update information across providers. The application has been designed to revolutionise data collection, eliminate fraudulent payments abroad, reduce tracing costs, and provide robust international mortality screening that will allow regular international existence checking.

mypensionID will provide schemes with unprecedented data governance, while reducing the administrative burden associated with maintaining member data, and allow members to easily track their pensions through their working lives and into retirement.

The team have been eager to get started with this exciting project. We are looking forward to members experiencing the amazing benefits that mypensionID has to offer.

If you are interested in using mypensionID, email us on [email protected].