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Access to all your pensions at the tip of your fingers

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Download mypensionID app

Step 1

Download mypensionID app

You will require a smartphone or a tablet to download mypensionID

mypensionID enables you to communicate with your pension provider using a combination of biometric and movement recognition technology.

It confirms and authenticates personal identity to officially validated documents. All within minutes!

Using innovative and proven mobile technology and biometrics, mypensionID offer a secure and convenient way for you to keep your pension scheme data up to date, ensuring you never lose touch with your pension pots and control the information you receive. You own and are in control of your data.

Getting Started

Step 2

Getting Started

To get started you need:

  • The unique security code in the correspondence you received.
  • Documentation – your passport or driving licence can be used.
Take a selfie

Step 3

Take a selfie

(You will be asked to do this twice throughout this process).

When taking a selfie please:

  • Where possible, remove your glasses.
  • Ensure you are in a well-lit area.
  • Move hair away from your eyes.
Take a picture of your photo documentation

Step 4

Take a picture of your photo documentation

Your photo documentation should be laid flat on a plain surface. If you are not using a passport, please select ‘I do not have a passport’ and choose the document you are using from the list. When ready select ‘Start Scan’. Make sure that there is no glare or light spots on the scan and you can read all of your details. If not retake the scan.

Check and verify your details

Step 5

Check and verify your details

This is the information currently held by your pension provider. Make sure it is correct and if not, edit and save it.

You are verified!

Step 6

You are verified!

Use the app to keep all your pension data up to date as well as have the option to verify yourself effortlessly when your pension provider requests you to do so, ensuring you never lose track of benefits owed to you.

FAQ & Feedback

  • How do you have my details?

    Your pension provider has given us your name, address and details, They have asked us to contact you to verify that they are correct and up to date.

  • Will my data be safe?

    mypensionID certification guarantees that your personal data is securely communicated between you and your pension provider. Your unique biometric details are converted into non-identifiable biometric key that can only be matched to you.

  • Can I update all of my pensions here?

    As schemes add their data to mypensionID any additional pensions you hold will automatically be recognized using your data. You will then be notified you have another pension within your dashboard. mypensionID is designed with the member in mind, allowing the member to update and keep track of All of their pensions in one place.

  • Can I speak to someone?

    We have a support team waiting to take your call or speak to you on our live chat via our website at