Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is mypensionID?

    An Identification & Verification app that is a fast, secure solution for pension scheme members to verify their identity in a matter of minutes. mypensionID is run by Target Professional Services (UK) Ltd and was launched in 2019.

  • How do you have my details?

    Your pension provider has given us your name, address and details. They have asked us to contact you to verify that they are correct and up to date.

  • How do I download mypensionID?

    Access to mypensionID is by invitation from your pension provider. If you have received a letter asking you to download the app. If you have not received a letter but wish to find out more, please contact us with you details and we can communicate with your provider.

    To download the app, if you have an android device you can download mypensionID through the Google Play Store. If you have an Apple device then use the Apple APP store.

  • What do I need to register?

    You will need your Security Code from the letter. You will also be asked to take a selfie and photograph your document identification. This will be used to verify you against the information held by your pension provider and create a biometric key that will allow only you to change any of your details.

  • Why do I need to identify and verify myself and my data?

    Your pension is money owed to you. To make sure you never lose that right to those funds your pension scheme provider needs to be able to contact you.

    If you are living abroad and are in receipt of your pension, your pension provider is required to verify your identity before payment is made.

    Added to this the Pensions Regulator, who control the industry in the UK, have brought in legislation for all schemes to know their member data is up to date, so you do not lose out.

  • Why do you need my Beneficiary details?

    In the sad event that you die and there is a spouse benefit to your pension this will enable your spouse to be set up with their pension promptly and allow the scheme to support your spouse at a very difficult time.

  • Why do you need my bank details?

    Only complete this section if asked by your pension scheme.

    You may be about to be paid or have been asked to confirm your bank details. This facility has been added to speed up the process when you first decide to draw your pension. Your data is encrypted at all times.

  • How much does the app cost?

    The app costs just £1.99 for a year. If we don’t locate a pension match within the first 12 months, the app is free until we do.

  • Why have you written to me?

    If you have received a letter it means we are currently working on behalf of the trustees of your pension scheme. They have asked us to contact you to ensure that the details they have for you are still correct. Alternatively your pension provider may be required to confirm your identity if a payment is being made or about to be made. You will have received a code in the letter and you do not need to pay for the application to verify yourself as your pension provider has covered this cost for you.

  • Why do you use biometrics?

    Biometrics is a means of identifying and authenticating individuals in a reliable and fast way, using recognisable and verifiable data that are unique and specific to the individual.

  • Do you need access to my camera?

    Yes. Face recognition is part of the biometric verification process and mypensionID can’t do this without access to your camera.

  • What documents will I need?

    When registering you will need either a valid Passport, Drivers Licence or National ID card that contains a photo of you and your date of birth. You will be required to take a photo of this with your phone when prompted by the app.

  • Will my data be safe?

    The use of facial recognition and movement technology ensures that only you can access you mypensionID account. Your unique biometric details are converted into a non-identifiable biometric key that can only be matched to you, guaranteeing that any personal data you chose to update is securely communicated to your pension provider.

  • How long does it take to verify myself?

    Once you have downloaded mypensionID the app will walk you through five simple steps to help you verify your details. This will only take a few minutes to complete.

  • Can I withdraw my consent to use my data?

    Yes, you have the right withdraw your consent for the use of your biometric data at any time. If you do so we will delete your biometric data.

    Please understand that the information you provide will only be shared securely with the pension provider. If you wish to withdraw consent for the use of your data, please follow the 'Contact Us' link and select 'Withdraw My Consent' in the reason for contact box.

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  • Can I update all of my pensions here?

    As pension providers add their data to mypensionID any additional pensions you hold will be recognised automatically using your data. You will then be notified you have another pension within your dashboard. mypensionID is designed with the individual in mind, allowing you to update and keep track of ALL of your pensions in one place.